Q: Why do we have to pay to watch a live-streamed event?

A: Live-streaming of WPCA events requires a video production company paid for by the host committee along with additional streaming services paid for by the WPCA. Over 7 shows, this expense will exceed $200,000. When you purchase a package to watch the WPCA live-streams, your support goes to assisting the committees and the sport of chuckwagon racing.

Q: Which shows will be live-streamed in 2024?

A: WPCA events in Grande Prairie, Bonnyville, Ponoka, Strathmore, High River, Dawson Creek, and WPCA World Chuckwagon Finals will be live-streamed in 2024.

Q: Why are only 7 WPCA events being live-streamed?

A: Only events that have a professional production company and high-speed internet that meet streaming requirements can stream a WPCA event.

Q: What is included with my season pass purchase?

A: Season Pass purchases will provide access to all live-streamed events along with access to all WPCA recorded shows and content. This does not include post-event downloads (MP4 file) of an event.

Q: If I'm not available at race time to watch live, can I watch it later?

A: YES. Once you purchase a single event, weekend pass, or full season pass, you have access to the live event and all archived events.

Q: When does my purchase expire?

A: All 2024 WPCA purchases will expire on January 15, 2025. 2023 WPCA purchases expire on April 30, 2024.

Q: What is a "download only" purchase, and how do I use it?

A: A purchased download is a copy of the live streamed event. It does not grant access to watch the event while it's live or on-demand from the website, rather you will be able to download a copy of the event onto your device to watch at any time, forever! In general, the download link will be available shortly after the event has ended, but can still be pre-purchased before then.

Q: Refunds and Exchanges.

A: WPCA is provided on an "as is" basis. We will not have any liability to you for the quality, cancellation or abandonment of any event or the failure to show any event as scheduled or advertised, nor where you are unable to watch any event on any specific platform device. All pay-per-view sales are final: there are no refunds for any reason. If you've purchased the wrong event, we will exchange it for another event of the same value.

Q: I don't see my account verification email when registering?

A: Please check your spam/junk folder of your registering email for an email from Local Sports Live if you do not see it in your inbox. Alternatively, if you have a Google Account you can use the "Continue with Google" button on the LOGIN window.

Q: Who do I contact if there are any problems with my streaming?

A: With any technology and internet, occasional issues with the signal may arise. There is a Viewing Tips page available that can help resolve most issues. Click HERE to access it. If still experiencing issues, please direct all questions to