Q: Why do we have to pay to watch a live-streamed event?

A: Live-streaming of WPCA events requires a video production company paid for by the host committee along with additional streaming services paid for by the WPCA. Over 6 shows, this expense will exceed $200,000. When you purchase a package to watch the WPCA live-streams, your support goes to assisting the committees and the sport of chuckwagon racing.

Q: What if the single race night I paid for is cancelled?

A: Any cancelled events will result in a refund, or the payment will be applied to a future event.

Q: Which shows will be live-streamed in 2023?

A: WPCA events in Grande Prairie, Bonnyville, Ponoka, Strathmore, Dawson Creek, and Century Downs will be live-streamed in 2023.

Q: Why are only 6 WPCA events being live-streamed?

A: Only events that have a professional production company and high-speed internet that meet streaming requirements can stream a WPCA event.

Q: What is included with my season pass purchase?

A: Season Pass purchases will provide access to all live-streamed events along with access to all WPCA recorded shows and content. 

Q: If I'm not available at race time to watch live, can I watch it later?

A: YES. Once you purchase a single event, weekend pass, or full season pass, you have access to the live event and all archived events.

Q: Who do I contact if there are any problems with my streaming?

A: With any technology and internet, occasional issues with the signal may arise. There is a Viewing Tips page available that can help resolve most issues. Click HERE to access it. If still experiencing issues, please direct all questions to